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Custom Pumping Equipment for Water Transfer in the Oil & Gas Industry

Custom Pumping Equipment for Water Transfer in the Oil & Gas Industry
Custom Pumping Equipment for Water Transfer in the Oil & Gas Industry

Fischer-Bush Equipment Company is often presented with a project that requires custom equipment. Over the last 50 years, we have earned the reputation for working closely with their customers-including engineering calculations-to design the right system. Such was the case when a client required custom pumping equipment for water transfer in the oil and gas industry. Having to work from a difficult location 0.2 miles away from the water source, Fischer-Bush first installed a fire hydrant and then used a booster pump to maintain the flow rate. Working from their customer's tight specifications, Fischer-Bush was able to deliver 168 gallons per minute of water through a 4" plastic pipe line to a location 2,902' away from the source. In addition, the 6" X 4" booster pump was required to do so over widely varied and demanding pumping elevations from 1,125' to 1,314'.

Fischer-Bush Equipment brings an experienced fabrication team consisting of designers, mechanics, and welders to a wide variety of custom pumping requirements for their oil and gas industry customers. Contact them today to learn how they will go about meeting your project's requirements.

Custom Water Transfer Project Highlights

Project Description
Using a fire hydrant at the source and using a booster pump to maintain flow rate
Overall Part Dimensions
Pipe Diameter: 4"
Flow Delivery Location: 2,902’ Away from Source
Low: 1,125’
High: 1,314’
Pipe Material
Poly - Plastic
Equipment Used
(1) 6" x 4" Booster Pump with a 4" line
Additional Facts
The pump located at 0.2 miles away from the source at an elevation of 1,149 feet
Industry for Use
Oil & Gas
Volume to be Delivered
168 gallons/min
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Booster Pump
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