Fisher-Bush Equipment

Fischer-Bush Equipment is a leading provider of pumps and related equipment for the oil & gas, industrial, petrochemical, construction, municipal, environmental and mining industries. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Fischer-Bush Equipment has offices throughout the Eastern and Southwestern United States and can service an even wider geographic market. We offer 24 hour rental, sales and service to meet our customer needs.

At Fischer-Bush, we believe in providing, fabricating, and building the highest quality equipment, and in providing the highest quality service. We pride ourselves on customizing solutions that fit our customers' specific requirements. We understand that equipment needs are never one size fits all and that they usually vary greatly between industry applications and even individual projects. That's why we work closely with our customers to determine the best equipment for the job. We can even help you produce or validate engineering calculations to substantiate your project needs, and our 24 hour service ensures minimal downtime and equipment availability. We will also tailor a rental or pricing strategy that fits your budget.

For more information, or for equipment or services, contact us at 800.886.0611.